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Anonymous asked:

Do you genuinely not enjoy LAD? Because it's looking that way more and more.


Most of what I say it’s just to mess around with you guys but there is a part there that doesn’t care so much about the blog.

I created Luna After dark because I needed an excuse to draw more often. Before it I was on a really big art slump and I an a pony related ask blog seemed like a pretty nice way to get out of it. ‘Cause you know, most of the stuff that you do in an ask blog is thru feedback so coming up with stuff ain’t that hard. And also ponies are not really hard to draw, that was a plus.

But as some of you may know I really don’t care that much about My Little Pony. And as you can see on this blog, I really don’t need an excuse to draw that often anymore. So in a way LAD pretty much has completed it’s purpose. At least for me.

The main reason why is still there it’s because I really like the whole Luna character that I created (‘cause come on. That totally ain’t Luna) and the amount of people that enjoy the blog (Let me tell yah,I never thought the blog would become that popular).

That being said! I don’t think I could call it quits yet. But I genially don’t know what to do with it.


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